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Native App Development

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What is Native App Development?

Native app development is when an App is built for specific operating systems (OS), using the development tools and languages that the respective OS supports.

For Android coding nativly means, building the App in Android Studio using languages such as Java or Kotlin. While, for iOS it means building the App in XCode with Swift (or Objective C).

Why Build My App using Native Tech?

There was once a period when the scarcity of applications on the App Stores meant that almost any newly created app could find success, regardless of its quality. That era has passed. Today, the Google Play and Apple App Store brim with high-caliber applications, the result of hundreds or thousands of hours of meticulous development. To compete in this crowded and quality-driven marketplace, native app development is essential.

  • Native app Performance Performance – Native apps are compiled directly into machine code, which gives the best performance you can get from the mobile phone. This might not be important in most apps but critical if your App has features like video editing.
  • Native apps feel Look and Feel – Because native apps are designed specifically for an OS, they follow the guidelines which ultimately help the user navigate and interact with the app more intuitively.
  • Native apps support Store Support – Native apps get full support from their respective app stores, which can help with visibility, trustworthiness, and potentially, the number of downloads.
  • Native apps functionality Functionality – Native apps have direct access to the full feature set of the given operating system, with no limitations within the app’s scope. This is important if you plan to have features like watch support, widgets..
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Choosing not to develop your app natively

With Native Apps, the source code has to be written from scratch for each platform. While this creates better Apps, the development cost will be more and it will take more time to develop. In general it's sufficient to choose non-native development if your App will not be used by a lot of users or it's very simple.

Frequently asked questions about our Service

We focus exclusively on Native App Development and, as such, do not provide services for non-native technologies such as Flutter or React, due to our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.
While we specialise on Mobile Development, we do offer App UI/UX design and Backend coding services.
Every project is different, hence every project has a different price. Generally, the cost for Native App development starts above 4,000 Euro per app. Please get in touch for a free consultation & quote.

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